Joyful Adornments Glass Studio where molten glass is transformed into dealightful beads, buttons and jewelry





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The Birth of a Glass Bead
at Joyful Adornments Glass Studio

Making a glass bead from beginning to end from all viewpoints. Come to Joyful Adornments Glass Studio to watch in person, or take lessons yourself.

Joyful Adornments
Engraved Beads

Cold Working Flamework Glass Beads on a Portable Engraving Lathe

Joyful Adornments
Bracelet Helper How-To!

How to use a Bracelet Helper to
clasp your own bracelet!

Friends & Neighbors at
Joyful Adornments Glass Studio

Henry Dormann from WETM TV interviews Bonnie Scott, Flamework Glass Artist in her studio, Joyful Adornments. See what's happening in Odessa! Just 7 minutes from Watkins Glen, NY

Joyful Adornments
Hollow Bead Demo

Joyful Adornments Glass Studio has glass bead making demonstrations like this Hollow Bead Demo for visitors of all ages and group size. Located in Odessa, just 7 minutes from Watkins Glen, NY. Bring your family and friends for a fun time!

Joyful Adornments
Glass Button Demo

Watch as molten glass is formed around a two-pronged mandrel to create a beautiful glass button. Buttons were created at the Joyful Adornments Glass Studio in Odessa, NY. Come visit and watch in person.


Joyful Adornments
Recycled Glass Bead

Watch as recycled bottle glass is heated and transformed into a glass corkscrew bead. Joyful Adornments Glass Studio is just 7 minutes from Watkins Glen, NY - come and see for yourself!

Joyful Adornments
Recycled Glass Halo Bead

Watch as recycled Glass is formed into a large hole Halo Bead at the Joyful Adornments Glass Studio located in Odessa, NY. Come by and try it yourself.


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